Israeli’s raid left unknown numbers of “civilian and military” victims


On 5 May 2013, Israel attacked the Syrian lands which considers a blatant violation of international laws of sovereignty. Regardless of the political motivations which usually is not a concern to human rights organizations, we worked on documenting the number of victims who have fallen in the Israeli attacks that targeted more several sites. The most significant site was 105 brigade where government forces officers’ families’ reside increases the possibility of civilian victims.

We could not document any victim’s name, image, or video. Moreover, we couldn’t get any victim numbers, even approximate, even though there were many according to a worker at Tishreen hospital.
SNHR condemns the Israeli attack on the Syrian land Which caused the death of civilian victims which is what matters the most as the Syrian- Israeli conflict is an international armed conflict so the parties must avoid targeting civilians according to Article 1 of the Customary International Humanitarian Law.


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