Jdaidat al Fadel Massacre One of the Most Horrifying Massacres in the Modern Age


Jdaidat al Fadel is located in the western suburbs of the capital Damascus on Qunietra – Damascus highway. It is approximately two kilometers away from Mu’damiyet al Sham. There is Jdaidat al Balad to the south of Jdaidat al Fadel, and Jdaidat Artouz and Qatna to the west.
It is populated by roughly 65,000 people. In addition, more than 5000 families fled to Jdaidat al Fadel from Darayya, Mu’damiyet al Sham, and other affected areas areas such as Tajamou’at Abnaa’ al Joulan, and other areas in Damascus and its suburbs including al Hajar al Aswad and al Tadamoun areas.
Al Fauj 100, an artillery division, is stationed in northern al Mawali neighborhood (where the massacre took place). al Fauj 100 is one of the most vicious forces in Damascus and its suburbs and has largely took part in shelling various areas including
Mu’damiyet al Sham – Darayya – Artouz – Jdaidat al Balad – Khan al Sheih – Drousa – Sbeina, and, of course, Jdaidat al Fadel.
Masaken Saraya al Sera’ area is to the east of the neighborhood. The residents of this area, including security forces, army forces, and regime militias (Shaibiha), have carried out many systematic attacks and assaults against the area in general and particularly against Jdaidat Artouz residents.

In addition to Masaken Yousef al Athma, whose buildings were used as bases for the regime forces’ snipers who killed a great number of the neighborhood residents before and during the siege (the massacre).


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