Documentation of Al Nashabiyeh Village- Duma Massacre in Rif Dimashq

Nashabiyeh Village

Al Nshabiyeh town located in Duma in Rif Dimashq near Damascus International Airport with a population of 40,000 and one of the villages that has huge nuber of Eastern Ghouta displaced
Location on the map.
Eyewitness testimony who was there at the time of the shelling named Al Muntaser Bellah who still alive and communication with him is still available through his Skype account: Mahmoudabade
“We were so close to the massacre scene around 11:00 in the morning as we saw a great number of missiles in the village sky and in seconds it fell on a residential area and we saw the smoke fulling the sky.
We rushed to the raid scene and we saw the bodies and tens of wounded and some of the village residents and us recovered the bodies from under the rubble”
SNHR team in Rif Dimashq managed to document the death of 10 civilians including 9 children and a woman and they are of the Abada village as they also documented 15 wounded

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