Types of Checkpoints Used by the Syrian Regime to Besiege and Arrest Citizens


The Syrian regime has been increasingly establishing military and security checkpoints since the beginning of the Syrian revolution, in particular in hotspots like Daraa, Damascus suburbs, Hama, Homs, and Idlib, in addition to many other lands in Syria. These checkpoints are to control, besiege, and cut the communication, in addition to suppress the protests across Syrian towns and governorates. Thus, the Syrian regime uses these checkpoints as an effective way to besiege, starve, ban aiding the injured and patients, suppress, and frighten them in a stark violation against humanity considering the crimes, violations, and massacres some of these massacres commit against unarmed civilians. SNRH has documented many massacres, field-executions, sniping, arbitrary arrests, storming neighborhoods and houses and insulting civilians directly.
Types of checkpoints
The checkpoints vary in their type according to the number and the covered area. We were able to document the most widely-used military checkpoints which are divided into four types according to following criteria:
1- The size
2- The period
3- The affiliated party
4- The spread

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