Documentation of the Massacre of Moadamiyet Al Sham in Rif Dimashq

Moadamiyet Al Sham

I- Introduction:
Moadamiyet Al Sham
Located a few kilometers west of the city of Damascus, and close by Darraya and Al Mazzeh neighborhood of Damascus, with a population of 70,000 people
As it’s also a county center and one of the closest cities to the capital Damascus, and one of the most important cities in Western Ghouta
Location on the map:
Image of the map
Incident details:
The testimony of an eyewitness called Abu Raed who is still alive, communication with the eye witness is available through his Skype account:
“As usual on Friday we went to the mosque for prayed, on the way an artillery shell fell on the mosque minaret so it collapse, however, thank god it didn’t fall, 10 minutes later as the people were Entering the mosque another shell fell, killing several people and injuring several others as the calls for help started, I ran with some of the brothers to aid the wounded, and it was just 5 minutes when the second shell fell causing serious damages between civilians and those who were aiding the wounded died, and tens were wounded, as a huge part of the mosque was destroyed, and the surrounding houses as well”.

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