Warning of targeting Raqqa Dams after liberating the governorate

Raqqa Dams

Alraqqa became the first provincial capital came under rebel control, Alassad troops continue bombardment Alraqqa city with Scud missiles, and deep concerns of targeting Dams in it
On the sixth of this month Alassad troops targeted the city with two Scud missiles, the first fall south of the city, and the second one kilometer far from Almashlab area in the city, that’s makes the total number of Ballistic missiles targeted the city is 11.

In light of the inability of the international community to stop the Syrian regime from launching ballistic missiles against the Syrian, where SNHR documented through our reports until the moment at least for 73 Scud missiles we launched
We are afraid and in a serious manner that the Syrian regime will avenge from the people of the province and the target Al- Baath and Al-Furrat dams

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