Usage of scud missiles

syriaWe mention that question in the beginning of the report because some organization and international human rights committees put reports’ titles stating that all parties have committed crimes against humanity in an attempt to show it’s substantive and neutrality. Although some groups of armed rebels have committed human rights violations, but they assured us that this is systematic work not individual works, and they didn’t target civilians on the basis of denomination, religious, ethnicity, cultural, or party.

Crimes have systematically and widely been committed without any discrimination by the one who has bombed bakery , shelters in schools, churches, mosques, and hospitals by barrels demagoguery and warplane missiles, this is an evidence on the use of scud missiles.

In the case of Iraqi, United States of America considered scud missiles as one of weapons of mass destruction, but in the case of Syrian, we didn’t hear appropriate international condemnation of using Syrian government to this type of weapons deliberately and inadvertently. So, Bashar Al-Assad, commander -in-chief of the Syrian Army considered it as a green light especially when scud missiles were used on free zones and reactions of the international community and the Security Council according that act were feeble, shameful and disgraceful to the Syrian people, although Security Council must maintain security and civil peace. Accordingly, he has increased use of these missiles and bombed residential district and erase it from the map of the globe.

Syrian government has carefully observed reactions of the international community and according to these reactions it committees its crimes. In the beginning, it used live bullets and then tanks and heavy artillery were used, and when it started using helicopters, the international community was silent, even when it used warplanes, missiles, and drums random demagoguery, still the international community was still silent. At this time, when it has used scud missiles, the international community has yet been silent and could not overcome Russian and Chinese veto, although it did it many times.

Syrian network for human rights documented launching 61 Scud missiles by forces loyal to the Syrian government with the place, time, witnesses, images and videos at various areas in Syria particularly the province of Aleppo and Raqqa in the north Syrian, while there has been no targeting of any area in south Syria.

Syrian network for human rights noted that all missiles used were directed toward appointed targets in certain city, not groups of the free army, except two cases were directed toward free army targeted, the first case targeted a senior commander in Duma, and the second case targeted Jarrah military airport in Rif Idlib, but there were 59 cases targeted groups of civilians. This means that they targeted civilians deliberately, and thus they committed crimes against humanity.