Five Citizens Slaughtered while Passing Through Pro-Syrian Regime Villages


Sectarian Pro-Syrian regime militias stopped a car for five young men who were returning to their city Hama from Lebanon, and the Hama-Lebanon road goes through the Alawite-majority city of Mesyaf, and slaughtered all of them. As this is not the first incident of its kind, abduction and slaughter, in sectarian pro-Syrian regime areas.
The victims are:
1- Safwan al Sheikh Aboud, 35-year-old, from al Hamidiya, Hama, works a driver on Lebanon route.
2- Ahmad Gazi al Satouf, from al Thahiriya, Hama
3- Khaled Ahmad al Satouf, from al Thahiriya, Hama
4- Ayman Adib Keshtou, from al Thahiriya, Hama

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