Statement on death toll in February 2013


Statement of February’s toll: the death of 3774 Syrian citizens (135 citizens every day, six citizens every hour) and the death of 421 children as the highest death toll of all months (15 children every day).
SNHR’s statement on death toll in February 2013.
SNHR has documented the death of 3774 citizens including:
– 421 children including 18 infants. February saw the highest death toll of children out of all months. This means that government forces kill 15 children every day.
– 231 women.
– And 63 individuals due to torture (two individuals every day.
The percentage of children and women reached 5.1 which is a clear and stark evidence of targeting civilians by Syrian government forces. The normal international percentage in war time is 2%, so the Syrian government exceeded twice the percentage in some months and it exceeded three times of this percentage.


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