call to neutralize civilians, in particular children and women, and cease to involve them in the conflict


Even though they are not directly involved in the fight, most of the war victims were women and children as they were experienced death, injury, abduction, and sexual violence in addition to disintegrating family, displacement, and lose of property.
The Syrian security forces has arrested hundreds of women over suspicion that they are related government opponents. They targeted them because they are women and kept them away from the world for long time without charges or trial. However, our country is still suffering from backwardness in all of its forms and laws that governs community and the political authority and parties regarding the real and implicit view toward women. Thus, the government followed the policy of arresting women to defeat their opponents, retaliate them, and break their will.
On 9/2/2013, a group of soldiers stopped the car of Mrs. Um Thafer at Ya’foor checkpoint and arrested her along with her three children- Thafer, Ahmad and Karam Al No’mani and took them to the fourth brigade headquarter.


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