The Documentation of Deir Al Jmal Massacre in Aleppo Northern Suburbs


The testimony by an eyewitness, Fadi Al Halabi, who was in the village at the time of the bombardment. He is still alive:
“About 12:00 pm, after the warplanes were soaring over the town, a warplane opened fire the town with its 23 machine guns and dropped six missiles – three on the cemetery, two on the house which was completely destroyed, while the neighboring houses were partially damaged, the sixth missile was dropped on a residential house in the neighboring lane but it didn’t explode. Eight martyrs from the same family have fallen, most of them became shreds. In addition to two injured persons who are in critical condition. We took them to Tal Ref’at as we don’t have a makeshift hospital. There were also four wounded with minor injuries. The whole martyrs and injured are from Dabbas family”

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