Women’s International Day in Syria facts and figures

InternationalWithin the last two years of Syrian people daily life : Syrian woman beard a significant burden of violations , on one hand and as all the Syrian people she shared men all kind of violations made by Alassad troops , and in the other hand she also borne the pain of losing the man stand by her; when her husband and the father of her children get killed , arrested , or disappeared , She also endured the pain of losing her own kids , Not to mention that all the Syrian women without discrimination suffered from the crimes of torture , rape , abduction by Alassad troops

First : The victims :
Alassad troops represented by Army , Shabiha , intelligence , killed 4257 women documented by name , date , place , photos, and the way in which they murder ( shelling – breaking in – field executions , from the beginning of the revolution to 20th of February 2013, Among the victim women ”
– 1362 Girl Child
– 102 Infant girl less than 2 years old
– 138 old ladies more than 50 years old
– 3 women in media
– 8 teachers
– 6 in the medical field ( Physician and Pharmacist )
– Shockingly 20 ladies tortured to death in security branches cellars
– 22 non- Syrian : 14 Palestinian , 3 Lebanese , 2 Iraqi , 1 Egyptian , 1 Sudanese , 1 Japanese
In his interview with Sunday Times newspaper, Bashar Alassad the Syrian president and the commander of the Armed forces wondered about the names of the alleged victims killed by his troops

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