A New Ethnic Genocide Massacre in Homs Northern Countryside

No one left

massacre in Homs northern

1- Geographical location:
Tasneen village of Al Rastan located in Homs northern countryside with a population of 4000 individuals, half of the population is Turkmen nationalist, and the other half are Alawites, the village is south of Kafrnan and Jabourin of the Alawites majority and known for being part of the local militias fighting with the government forces.

2- Methodology:
Reaching the site of the incident is extremely difficult, but we have communicated through telephones and Skype with eyewitnesses and survivors, as we also received many images and videos, and we keep copies of it. Analyzing it matched the survivors’ testimonies.

3- Incident’s details:
On Saturday, January 5, 2013, militias of the government forces abducted several people from Tasneen village in order to negotiate with armed opposition factions to release local militias’ captives from Kafrnan village.
After the negotiation failed the armed opposition executed the local militias’ captives.
As in what seemed retaliation for the executions on Saturday January 5, 2013 the local militias called for reinforcement and imposed a siege on the village, as the engaged with some of the villagers who owned light weapons as they tried to block the local militias attack.

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