The Documentation of Mua’damiyet Al Sham Town Massacre in Damascus Suburbs

of Mua’damiyet Al Sham Town Massacre

Mua’damiyet Al Sham:
It is located about several kilometers west of Damascus city, near Daraya city and Al Mazeh Al Dimashqi neighborhood. Its population is 70000.
Mua’damiyet Al Sham is a town center, one of the closest cities to the capital Damascus and one of the most prominent cities in Western Ghouta.
Incident’s details:
On Monday 14 January 2013, government forces warplanes shelled the neighborhood located in the southern Mua’damiyet Al Sham city which is known by Al Bahsas area where the makeshift hospital of Mua’damiyet Al Sham city is located. This neighborhood is a big residential area, a main street for passing IDPs from Daraya to Al Mua’damiyeh and a gathering place of IDPs of Daraya city.

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