Documentation of Izaz City Massacre in Aleppo Suburbs


Izaz city serves as the northern entry point for Aleppo into Turkey. It is located 45 kilometers away from Aleppo. Izaz city has an area of approximately 3,500 hectares. Wadi Nahr Qweid is to the east and southeast of the city.
The following is an account for one of the city residents who was present at the time of the bombing. Hazem al Azizi is still alive and can be found on Skype: hazem1375
“At the time of al Asr Prayer, around 2:25 PM, a Sukhoi warplane for the Syrian regime targeted the central market in Izaz city by firing a number of missies that directly resulted in the destruction of many shops and killed tens of people, in addition to hundreds- men, children, elders, and women- who were injured. Izaz Hospital was overcrowded with wounded from the bombing, so the paramedics were forced to transfer some of them to Doctors Without Borders Hospital inside the Syrian lands, you can talk to the doctors at the hospital about the incident, and then to the Turkish hospital of Kallas which reached its capacity as well, so some of the patients had to be transferred to Gaziantep too. There were severed heads and severed hands and legs all over the ground in the market. Al Hayyani family was affected the most in this massacre, as five members of that family were killed. More than 100 were wounded. This was the fourth massacre in the city, and all the massacres were by warplanes. The bombing heavily damaged tens of houses in the vicinity of the market, and the people were terrorized, where thousands of families fled the city. And Izaz city has become a scary, empty city. About 30 shops were destroyed. The area is known for al Akrad market which is an urban market for clothes and shoes. I talked to the survivors, and people of the city kept talking about that horrifying day when their market was destroyed and their beloved ones were killed in a heartbeat.”

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