An urgent action is required to disclose the destiny of 4 political prisoners in Syria

An urgent action is required
Detainees in the case
1. Anas Husainy
Father : Abdulhakim, Mother: Iftikhar Husainy, birthdate: 23.03.1983, birthplace: Qamishly, single.
Anas was an activist, who lives since 2000 in Damascus, and works in a cleaning company which executes contracts of cleaning official buildings (presidential palaces, foreign ministry, government’s HQ)
Anas was detained on December 31. 2012 by the State Security, since then nothing about him was known until he was seen in the published footage.
His family was forbidden of meeting him or assigning a lawyer to follow his case, not to mention the physical and psychological torture applied to him.
In the footage, Anas answers to an unknown man questions, Anas seems tired and distracted with a long beard which he shaves usually, which indicates that he was exposed to torture.
The clip itself was revised and cut to show an image the regime can use to manipulate the public opinion.