Violations against media activists

Most Prominent media activist’s victims
Basil Shehadeh
A well known movie director, he was studying at Syracuse University in the United States, he returned to Syria in order to participate in the peaceful movement against the government. He was arrested when he was in one of the demonstrations in Damascus by the Intelligence forces in Damascus, and then released. He used his camera to document the attacks of the Syrian army on city of Homs’ neighborhoods. He was killed in 29/5/2012 in Safsafa neighborhood in Homs after it shelled by the Syrian Government’s Armed Forces .

Rami Al-Saied
A revolutionary prominent media activist in Homs, where he was filming the live broadcast of the demonstrations, he was documenting the victims of the Syrian Government’s Armed Forces’ shelling ; those killed and wounded along with abuses against civilians. He was killed near blockade Bab Amr neighborhood cause of heavy shelling by the Syrian government’s Armed forces in 21/2/2012.

Tamer Al-Awaam
A film director and a political activist from Al-Swidaa. He made many documentations about the Syrian Revolution activities, the most prominent was “Memories at the Checkpoint” . He died cause of shell’s shrapnel cause of random shelling on Radio neighborhood in Aleppo by Syria Government’s Armed Forces in 9/9/2012.

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