Al Bseira Massacre in Deir Ez-Zour and a Statement of Condemnation against its Perpetrators

Al Bseira Massacre

Al Bseira Massacre in suburbs of Deir Ez-Zour governorate
Syrian regime MiG warplanes bombed al Bseira town with a number of missiles on Tuesday, December 25, 2012, which resulted in the killing of 22 civilian citizens, while about 73 others were injured, including nine critical cases.
We have been able to document 17 victims by names, whereas the remaining five remain unknown, as residents weren’t able to recognize them, where they were documented by video. All of this was through directly contacting activists in the area, in addition to speaking to victims’ families in some cases.
1- Mahmoud Ahmad al Nayef
2- Suleiman Fahd al Nayef
3- Amer Khalaf al Nayef
4- Khaled Walid al Zaid
5- Fakhriya Saleh al Nayef
6- Tal’at Abdullah al Shahoud
7- Nouri al Bardi al Ghadban
8- Loay Khader al Saleh
9- Hasan al Khaled al Sha’lan
10- Isam Hawwash al Khalaf
11- Mahmoud Hamed al Sayed
12- Adnan Majed al Zumar, from al Hader, Hama

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