Statement about Casualties and Violation among Christians in the Syrian Revolution

Christians in the Syrian

The Syrian Network for Human Rights has documented the death of 69 Syrian Christians form the beginning of the Syrian Revolution until 24-12-2012 including 3 children and 7 women. All the victims were civilians and were killed at the hands of the Syrian army and security forces affiliated to the Syrian government.
The following link includes a full documentation of the names, dates, photographs and videos of the victims and their distribution on Syrian governorates as documented by SNHR:

The main violations against Christians during the Revolution:
• Army forces shelled churches and predominantly-Christian areas:
A Meg fighter jet bombarded the Assyrian Christian village of Tal Nasri on 14 November 2012. A young man (Ninos Moneer) was killed in the bombardment and many others were injured. In addition, the bombardment caused much material damage to houses and worship places in this village 45 km off the center of Hassakeh governorate.

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