The Arrest of Ms. Fatima Nabio Aiming at Pressuring and Blackmailing Her Relatives


One of the preferred methods of the Syrian security and intelligence services has always been, and still is, that of attacking dissidents’ family members to pressurize opponents of the regime into changing their positions and abandoning their opposition, in addition to obtain information about activists in the popular uprising, their movements and places of residence.
The arrest of one such woman, along with her children, and the interrogation of the eldest, who is only six years old, is a violation of the most basic human values
On the morning of Thursday, November 29, 2012, regime personnel at a checkpoint run by the regime’s Shabbiha on the road between Sahl al Ghab and al Sahl al Sahili in Hama governorate, known as the Beit Yashout road, stopped Mrs. Fatima Nabio, while she was on her way from Latakia suburbs to the city to buy shopping for the winter. The regime personnel intimidated her children and interrogated the eldest son, who is only six years old, questioning him about his father, who’s been missing for four months, in addition to questioning the child about the movements of the Free Army in the area from which they came.

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