Statistics of Athletes Killed by Government Forces during the Syrian Revolution


In the course of documenting the victims, massacres, and detainees at the hands of the Syrian regime, SNHR has documented every athlete killed by by Syrian regime’s army and security forces, in coordination with the Free Syrian Athletes Association.
SNHR documented the killing of 68 athletes including four children athletes.
The following are some of the most prominent athletes, who won Arabic and international trophies. The number next to the names refers to the video and picture in the Excel file.
1- Ahmad Swaidan (9), a footballer who played for al Karama, al Wehda, and al Jazira football clubs. He was killed by a shell that fell on his house in Jourat al Shayyah, Homs, after it was fired by Syrian regime forces
2- Subhi Nahieli, plays for the Syrian Athletics Team. (13)
3- Subhi Sa’dou al Abed (15), a wrestling world-champion.
4- Fayyad Ava Zaid, Syria’s champion in Petanque. (18)
5- Ahmad Malandi, Syria’s chess champion. (20)
6- Marwan Arafat, former director of the Football Association. (25)
7- Zakariya al Yousef, a footballer who played for al Itihad and Umayya football clubs. (39)
8- Mosad al Ouda, a sport journalist (49)

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