The statistic of children victims by Syrian government on the International Children’s Day


Targeting children is an indicator of systematic targeting of civilians despite Syrian government’s claims.
The date of report: 20/11/2012.
SNHR documented the death of 2710 children at the hands of security and army forces affiliated to Syrian government which are distributed to:
837 females
1873 males
25 children due to torture in prison which is a very high number.
650 of them are under 10-year-old
62 of them are under one-year-ol
The following PDF contains 2710 names of children in Syria that have been documented with specific details that show pictures, videos, dates and places.
The percentage of women and children victims in war time mustn’t exceed 2% between two armies as a primer international indicator, in the Syrian case the percentage reached 6.4% which indicates that the Syrian government exceeded four times the stipulated percentage although it doesn’t declare a state of war against Syrian people

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