Al Qobour Massacre in Deir Ez-Zour Governorate


The following is the details of the incident according to a number of eyewitnesses’ account
In light of the ongoing bombing by the warplanes of the Syrian army on al Muthafeen neighborhood in Deir Ez-Zour city, a number of the neighborhood residents fled towards al Maqaber road on October 16, 2012 which leads to Damascus road. On their way, they were all arrested by the Syrian government’s army and security forces, and there haven’t been any updates on their status ever since.
A video documenting the arrest of civilians at the hands of Syrian regime forces. The video was posted three days before the dead bodies were found, as it shows Syrian army soldiers arresting a number of residents and stripping them of their clothes.
As a group of residents were passing through the area three days later, they found tend of dead bodies for their neighbors after they were executed and their dead bodies were tossed in Deir Ez-Zour cemetery. The dead bodies were rotting and had clear torture and decay signs on them.

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