Alawite Opposition Figures are being arrested and tortured and their lives are at risk


SNHR fears for of the Alawites opposition activists: Mr. Ali Rahmoun and Mr. Abd Al Aziz Al Khair as they are being subjected to cruel torture according to the information reported to a SNHR lawyer. Air Intelligence forces arrested the activist Mr. Ali Rahmoun at Al-Bulaman station in Latakia city as he was travelling to the capital Damascus.
According to Rahmoun’s family and his friend he didn’t arrive in Damascus. About 11:15 on Thursday 27/9/2012 a patrol of the Air Intelligence arrested Ali Hasan Rahmoun and took him to one of their branch. Since then, no one has known anything about him.
Mr. Ali Hasan Rahmoun, married to Mrs. Wafa’a Zarouf and has three sons: Osama, Ali, Ziyad Rahmoun.
He was a teacher between 1983 until 1987, then he was arrested for participating in demonstrations. He was arrested from 1987 until 1995 in the era of the Hafez Al-Assad. As a result of a judgment issued by a high security court where he was charged with joining a communist party. Consequently, he was banned from teaching.
He joined the opposition and he was a member of the administrative body and executive committee of (Together for a Democratic and Free Syria) movement which established during the popular uprising. The movement condemns the violence of government forces in all of its forms: killing, arresting and terrorizing civilians through opening fire and displacement.
Arresting the Alawite-born opposition figures whether they are politicians, writers, poets, or intellectual figures became a systematic phenomenon e.g. the arrest of Mr. abd Al Aziz Al Khair and the arrest of the activist Maher Maiyala in addition to the arrest of Bashar Adham Othman and the chief Samer Al Khair.


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