When Children are Killed and Wounded

Five Children Killed and Six Wounded in the Massacre of the Children in Aleppo Governorate


The Syrian citizen Ahmad Mer’ie, a father of four kids who all are less of 10 years of age, was heading for Aleppo city from al Bab city that was living the hell of the daily shelling, death, and destruction. Ahmad traveled along with his aunt (Rab’a Qsas) in a pickup car to al Bab city. Around 7:00 PM pf Saturday, September 22, 2012, a Syrian regime army helicopter opened fire from heavy machine guns on one of the pickup cars heading to Al Bab city in the eastern suburbs of Aleppo near a small village called Abu al Zandin. The car was transporting a family that is composed of 15 people who were mostly children and women, as they were heading to al Bab city from al Salhein neighborhood.

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