Even athletes are killed in Syria if they demanded freedom and democracy

The Syrian network of human rights has documented the deaths of 55 athletes, 4 of them were trainee children athletes

The following is a list of names of the highly achieving athletes who have gained renowned positions internationally and in the Arab world (the number adjacent to the name corresponds to the attachment which contains a video and a picture in an excel file):
1. Ahmad Swedan, a football player in Al Karama, Al Wehda and Al Jazeera clubs, he was martyred after a shell which was fired by the security forces dropped on his home in Jorat Al Shayah in Homs (9)
2. Sobhi AlNheli, a Syrian athletics team player (13)
3. Sobhi Sa’do Al A’bed, a world champion in wrestling (15)
4. Fayad Aba Zaid, a Syria champion in shot put (18)
5. Ahmad Mlandi, Syria champion in Chess (20)
6. Marwan Arafat, the former president of the football association (25)
7. Zakaria AlYousef, a football player in AlItihad and Ummiyah Clubs (39)
8. Mos’ab AlOdah Allah, a sports journalist (49)

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