The Full Documentation of Al Arba’ien Neighborhood


On the morning of Wednesday 19 September 2012, the residents of Al Arba’ien neighborhood in Hama city woke up to a vicious shelling on the neighborhood by the tanks and armored vehicles stationed at Al Vilat circle in northern Hama city.
The shelling was followed with tens of tanks and armored vehicles as well as vehicles transporting soldiers from the regime army raiding the neighborhood and shooting fire randomly from 15.5mm shotguns in order to spread panic and fear and impose a curfew. The tanks, then, encompassed the neighborhood and banned anyone from entering or getting out into the neighborhood in addition to severing all forms of communication.
Additionally, Masha’ Al Arba’ien neighborhood was targeted using mortar shells before it was raided by the Syrian regime forces.
The vicious shelling lasted for hours and resulted in a number of victims and wounded. Afterwards, the regime security forces carried out raid campaigns arresting a number of the neighborhood youths and field-executed seven of them. Afterwards, they did the unspeakable, something that is devoid of any sense of humanity and decency, something that is unprecedented in its savagery and barbarism, and appalls the very core of humanity in the 21st century and all of this happened in front of the civil society and human organization in the word; those enemies of humanity burned the dead bodies after they piled them in one of the houses before setting them, as well as the house, on fire.


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