Tens of Syrian IDPs are disappearing amid Arabic and International negligence


Mrs. Fadwa Adnan Jamoud, born in 1985, went out of her home in Khrbit Ghazaleh that is located southern of Daraa governorate with her daughter who is still not one-year-old yet – infant Rafeef Al Bdawi as she was escaping the indiscriminate bombardment using heavy weapons and warplanes. However, the bullets of clashes between pro- government army and the brigades of free army followed her to the Jordanian- Syrian borders. Thus, the IDPs decided to return back and while they were trying to escape from the shooting, Mrs. Fadwa, and her daughter, were missing near the border and she didn’t get anywhere.

The use of heavy weapons in heavily populated areas forces more civilians to flee their homes due to the increasing violence. Displacement crisis is a result of disrespect of Humanitarian International Law and human rights in Syria, so SNHR emphasizes the necessity to secure safe areas for the IDPs and allow active humanitarian parties to reach them and deliver proper aid.
It should be noted that this is not the only case of disappearance as there are many cases that have been recorded before in which civilians disappeared and there is no information about them. Furthermore, during the bombardment on Al Hefeh city in Latakia governorate, a whole family, parents and 3 children, fled. Under heavy bombardment, the family were separated and they were unable to connect with each other. The father (H.Y) and his two daughters don’t know anything about his wife (S.J) and her infant, who was found by accident in a poor family’s kitchen in Latakia city. After a whole month, the mother found out that his husband and two daughters were in a refugee camp in Turkey.


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