Everyone Works at Relief Organizations are Subjected to Torture and Arrest… the Syrian Red Crescent Member Ahmad Khowailed is under Torture and Arrest.

Ahmad Khowailed

A patrol affiliated to Military Security stormed the house of the civil engineer and the Syrian Red Crescent member Ahmad Jameel Khowailed on 17 September 2012, and took him to the Military Security branch.
Information about the Military Security branch in Latakia:
The branch is headed by: the general Adnan Al Ahmad the chief of the Military Security branch which is the most brutal torture branch which is confirmed by everyone who got out of that branch while there are many others who died under torture.
The assistant: Ali Sabha (Abu Ghdeer)
the Syrian government promised to release him soon after completing interrogation and investigation, but at the time of this writing, he has not been released, in contrast, we received information from soldiers inside the Military Security branch confirming that the Syrian Red Crescent member has been subjected to torture, so we call on the International Red Cross and the High Commissioner of Human Rights to intervene and reveal the fate of their colleague and a relief activist.
We note that Eng. Ahmad Khowailed was arrested without any charges and no Human Rights organization has been allowed to defend him or to find out anything about his fate and the methods of torture that he is being subjected to.
Mr. Ahmad, born in 1962, is one of the most famous scholars and intellectual figures in Latakia city and has graduated from Damascus University, Al Sharia faculty. He is a preacher in Obada bin Al Samit mosque, and a member in the chamber of commerce and industry in Latakia.

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