The Headless Girl Kafr Aweed Massacre in Idlib Countryside

The Headless Girl

I- Introduction:
ncident details:
The peaceful, safe residents of Kafr Aweed town were surprised by the heavy government aviation flights around 3:00pm in Sunday, September 16, 2012, as the aircrafts rapidly and surprisingly dropped barrel bombs containing TNT explosives, as these explosive were used a lot recently as they are cheap, however, it is very random and cause mass destruction but this is the least of the Syrian regime concerns, even seems to be the least of the human rights organizations concerns as well as we haven’t heard any condemnation for the government forces (Army, Security. Shiites foreign militias) use of thus brutal weapons.

Government air crafts dropped 7 bombs one of them targeted the town bakery as these bombs immediately killed 10 civilians from Mighlaj family including Mrs. Dalal Al Issa, the 10 civilian victims included 4 women as no less than 120 were wounded and about 20 houses were destroyed.
SNHR team documented according to the testimonies of the eyewitnesses through direct communication with them, through it we were able to obtain the names of the victims as they sent us all the details, images, and videos over our official E-mail and Skype, as no one of our team managed to get to Kafr Aweed town and examine the situation on the ground and take photos and videos by our special cameras due to the difficulties in movement and getting there.

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