The Documentation of Der Al Assafir Massacre


The documenting party: The Syrian Network for Human Rights
Der Al Assafir village is 12 kilometers away from Damascus. It is populated by 7000 people and covers an area of 4600 dunam. Most of the village’s residents work in agriculture where 75% of the village lands are agricultural while the remaining 25% are residential.
As is the case with any combat plan that is adopted by the Syrian army forces against any city, neighborhood, and town that aims to spread fear, oppression, and humiliation, the first step is to siege the targeted place and then shell it for hours, or even days, before raiding and then field-execute, loot, destroy, and arrest tens of the residents.
The Syrian army forces started besieging Der Al Assafir town on 2 September 2012 which was followed by ongoing and horrifying artillery shelling, mortar shells, helicopter attacks, and using missiles. The shelling lasted for two days, until 4 September 2012, where the residents counted no less than 250 rocket and mortar shells in addition to the bombing on the town by warplanes using TNT barrels, missiles, and heavy machine guns. The siege was in conjunction with a complete shutdown of power which resulted from the targeting pf the power generators by missiles and mortar shells. Also, water and communication were also cut and there was a complete lack of medical services amid the complete and comprehensive shutdown of all medical clinics and pharmacies in the town.
The Syrian army forces raided the towns and carried out a number of raids and burned farms and groves while snipers went on top of the roofs.

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