Urgent humanitarian appeal: Government Forces kidnaps the girl Fatima Suhail


Fatima Suhail, a 19-year-old girl who was kidnapped by forces affiliated to Syrian Security and Shabiha when she was in front of her home which is located near Nabeel Hamada School in Al Jam’iea Al Sakaneia neighborhood at 2:30.
Fatima has Syrian nationality.
SNHR was unable to identify her place of detention or its perpetrator. No action was taken by human rights organization or committee regarding this case.
This case is the third case in Tartuos which seems to be a part of systematic campaign to kidnap Sunni girls by pro-government forces which incites religious and sectarian tension and to leads to civil conflict.
SNHR hold Syrian government fully responsible for the girl Fatima Suhail’s life and consider this case as an inhuman and hostile act against Syrian girls and Syrian people in addition to the ramification of such acts that might lead to religious and sectarian agitation. We call on the International Community and the Security Council to uphold their responsibility towards such cases which are sensitive cases and would have bad results at all levels. Thus, the International Community have to uphold the moral responsibility of such actions that are taking place in Syria.


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