Arresting and torturing doctors is ongoing


Fear for Dr. Mohamad Ghasab Al Mahameed’s life who was arrested at the hand of Syrian authorities as he is subjected to torture and the neglect of heath care.
Name: Mohamad.
Father: Ghasab.
Mother: Mahiba.
Occupation: a neurosurgeon.
Date of birth: 1969.
Has 2 boys and 4 girls. The eldest one is 14-year-old and the youngest one is 4-year-old.
Date of arrest: 12/8/2012.
Dr. Mohamad Ghasab Al Mahameed was arrested from his home at dawn of 12 August 2012, 27 Ramadan 1433. He was born in Daraa 1969, he is a neurosurgeon, and a brother of the martyr Dr. Ali Ghasab Al Mahameed and the activist Zayed Ghasab Al Mahameed who were killed at the hand of government forces.
Dr. Mohamad Ghasab Al Mahameed known for his manners and affability with people, belongs to famous Syrian family that is well-known for its patriotism and good reputation. Many of the family members were martyrs like the doctor’s brother “Ali Ghasab Al Mahameed” who was a cardiologist.

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