Documentation of Al Shammas Neighborhood Massacre in Homs

Al Shammas

Incident details:
Al Shammas neighborhood is one of the southern neighborhoods in the city of Homs located on the side of Wadi Al Thahab which is considered one of the pro-government forces (Army, Security forces, local and foreign militias) neighborhoods and these neighborhood residents are active Shabiha for the regime.

Al Shammas neighborhood has a population of at least 10,000 the number increased after the beginning of the barbaric military campaign in the city of Homs in the beginning of February most families evacuated to from Baba Amro and other neighborhoods in Homs that suffered the shelling and the raids.
In Al Shammas neighborhood on its own more than 1,200 families has been recorded as an inneed family among them 550 families origin from Al Shammas neighborhood and 650 displaced families from other neighborhoods.

Al Shammas neighborhood and due to its location in the midst of many pro-government neighborhoods and as the biggest government forces gathering located nearby, the neighborhood residents especially after thousands of displaced came to the neighborhood- stopped the weekly demonstrations to deny any reason for the government forces to raid the neighborhood, and commit massacres as they did before in Al Adweiya and Karm Al Zaitoun and Deir Ba’alba.

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