The Full Documentation of Jarjisa Massacre in Hama suburbs


Jarjisa is one of the villages of Hama suburbs that is located on northwestern side of Al Rastan dam. The village is administratively affiliated to Horbansfa district in Hama governorate. It is 35 kilometers to the south of Hama city, and it is populated by about 3000 people. The village is known for its abundant crops and ranching. Also, it is located directly on the Orontes River’s bank.
The village location on the map
This small village was targeted in a concentrated shelling by the Syrian army’s Al Handasa division in Toumin village, and also by the tanks stationed at Horbanfsa train station and Al Zara station.
As a result of this barbarian indiscriminate shelling, no less than 13 of the village residents were killed including three children and two women. Also, 115 others at least were wounded who were mostly children and women where we were able to document 8 critical cases.

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