Syrian Regime’s Massacres during Kofi Anan’s Plan are more terrible than the Massacres during the Arabs Observers Period A Survey, Homs governorate as an example


Since the beginning of Kofi Anan’s three-months plan, 10 April-10July, no less than 1170 martyrs including 108 children have fallen due to indiscriminate bombardment which notably increased and resulted in many massacres during this period of time instead of reducing and ceasing the bombardment and the massacres.

Homs city and its suburbs saw a notable rise in violent operations” Al Holeh, Al Rastan, Al Qosair, Deir Ba’alba, Qal’et Al Husn, Al Khalediya, Al Shammas, Jobar And Al Sultaniya- all these areas witnessed raids, missiles and warplanes strikes, field execution and terrible massacres that appall humanity during the period which Arab Observers were present


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