Arresting Doctors has become Systematic Phenomenon that strongly violates International Humanitarian Laws…

The Arrest of Dr. Bashar Frhat.


While several Syrian cities and villages are shown on Arab and foreign media as they are being destroyed and damaged by Syrian government which is still practicing its oppressive methods to silence people and arrest the elite in civilian citizens in addition to forcibly-disappear many of them. The case of Dr. Bashar presents a worrying example for such cases.
Dr. Bashar Frhat is a 28-year-old, from Jericho city which is administrate affiliated to Idlib governorate in northwest Syria on the crossroad between Latakia and Aleppo. The military security forces arrested him from the National Hospital in Latakia city where he continues his study in pediatrics on Thursday 26/July/2012, and took him to Military Security branch which is located in the first project near Al Rawda mosque.

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