Massacre of the city of Mou’adamiyet Sham one of the most terrible massacres of the modern era

Approximately 80 citizens slaughtered in two days


Incidents reports:
The city of Mou’adamiyet Sham in the western countryside of the Syrian capital Damascus is located about ten kilometers from the center of Damascus with a population [in 2012] of about 80,000 people.
On Saturday July 28 and Sunday July 29, 2012, the Syrian army launched a horrifically violent campaign against the people of the city, murdering 80 people, all unarmed civilians, including women, children and youths, many of whom were slaughtered with knives. Thirty-one of them were killed on the Saturday and 49 the next day, with more than 900 injured and nearly 150 left maimed in the worst military operation of its kind up to that date on the city.
In the operation, the regime army also shelled the city using:
1- Helicopters.
2- Mortar
3- Tanks
The shelling was carried out by artillery forces based at of the headquarters of the fourth division located in the mountains overlooking the city of Mu’admiyeh, who used mortars and other munitions.
More Details:
On Saturday morning, without any warning, the regime’s Syrian Army forces located in the area between al Mou’adamiya and Darayya slaughtered young men from the Huballah and Zain al Din families.
This was followed by heavy, indiscriminate shelling and strafing of the city using heavy artillery, machine guns and other weapons, in tandem with raids on houses on the main street and arbitrary arrests of civilians. The same forces also carried out raids on houses in the al-Buhasas area, as well as looting shops and smashing them up. The regime forces then targeted the Omar ibn al-Khattab mosque with shells, after which regime troops stormed the mosque and desecrated the interior of the severely damaged building

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