Massacres and destroying neighborhoods that support rebels are a policy for the The Syrian government… The massacres and destruction in Al-Qaboun neighborhood are a notable example of that

Al-Qaboun neighborhood

The Free Syrian Army consists of defected soldiers and Syrian youth from various ethnic groups, religions, occupations, and jobs. Also, people joined the FSA from various social classes such as doctors, engineers, pharmacists, workers, employees, and others. The Free Syrian Army is from the Syrian people and it is an integral part of the Syrian people.

Some of the neighborhoods have embraced the revolutions more than others. These neighborhoods have been targeted by the Syrian regime which focused on destroying and demolishing it no matter the cost. The Syrian regime’s target was to get rid of anyone who supports the FSA.
This policy has been adopted in all the Syrian cities. A good example of this is Al-Qaboun neighborhood, which is located in eastern Damascus. The neighborhood has witnessed many horrible massacres and systemic destruction of shops and buildings.

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