Ethnic cleansing massacres against several families in one day in Al Sabeel neighborhood in Homs

Manure Factory Massacre in Al Bowaida in Homs Countryside

Shabiha (groups of pro-government armed militia) continued committing ethnic cleansing massacres in Homs Governorate with the support of the Security forces and army of the Syrian government, in order to displace the city residents, the people of Homs didn’t forget the slaughtering and executions of complete families like ‘Bahader’ family and ‘Al Hamad’ that took place in Karm Al Zaitoun.
We point out that no less than 93 families in Homs lost one or two of its members on the hands of the Shabiha, snipers, or government shelling.
We point out that the massacres took place in the midst of a siege imposed by 67 government forces’ checkpoint where the slaughtering, gunshots, and executions happen and the bodies left for days as it starts to decompose and disintegrate.
On July 2, 2012, the Shabiha and with no reason broke into the house of ‘Atfa’ family and killed the father and mother and the 3 children as 2 children were killed by knives then by gunshots as the whole family were killed

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