When Mig Aircraft Fire Missiles on 3500 Residents

Mig Aircraft Fire Missiles

Incident details:
Al Sayda Zainab is located south of Damascus with a population of 400,000, 95% of its residents are from Joulan.
On Wednesday, July 18, 2012, members of the crisis circle in Syria were killed, thrilling many of the Syrian people, as Al Sayda Zainab residents were expressing their joy they placed blocks near the army base in the neighborhood and cheered.
The government forces retaliated by opening fire wounding tens of people and killing a young man from the neighborhood called Abdul Rahim Al Samour, the shooting was followed up by heavy flying of aircrafts then government aviation shelling started on the area and the surrounding fields.

Around 3500 people were in the funeral of Abdul Rahim Al Samour as the people were blaring against their son killers and the Syrian regime and Syria president Bashar Al Assad. During the funereal a Mig23 with cold blood fired a missile on the people tens of people were killed and a lot others were wounded, then the pilot returned and fired 2 missiles back to back on the same place what increased the victims numbers in seconds, the bodies were spread around and we were unable to identify them and we only managed to have to field interviews that are not enough to identify all the massacre victims.

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