Hama city massacre 2012… 49 civilians died on one day and counted hours


On Monday 16/7/2012, Al Hamidiyeh neighborhood in Hama city was exposed to brutal military-security campaign as it was besieged at the early morning and the army elements was trying to break into the neighborhood. Therefore, the elements of armed opposition who were inside the neighborhood tried to hold off the Syrian army elements and stopped them for breaking into the neighborhood. But as the Syrian regime policy it intensively and randomly shelled the neighborhood as a collective punishment and random killing which resulted in the death and the injury of ten individuals. After severe bombardment, the Syrian army forces entered the resident neighborhood and carried out arrests campaign that included 60 civilians amid beating, insulting, humiliating, looting and stealing a great number of houses whose owners had been arrested. The elements destroyed and sabotaged things that couldn’t steal.
The indiscriminate bombardment concentrated intensively and in a widespread manner on Al Hamidiyeh neighborhood, in particular in Al Hamidiyeh and Al Sharqiyieh neighborhoods. The army forces had burned a house in Al Ma’rawi Street which resulted in the death of the whole family which includes a mother and her four children. The attack reached Aleppo neighborhood road and Bab Qibli neighborhood in addition to many other neighborhoods where many were injured.

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