A statement and a documentation of Palestinian martyrs who were killed by the Syrian government’s forces

PalestinianThe majority of Palestinians residing in Syria participated in the Syrian revolution; as both the Palestinian and the Syrian causes share the same struggle; the liberal struggle for freedom. Palestinians have participated very effectively during protests and marches, many Palestinian activists also stood out in Homs, specifically in the medical aid and relief work.
The Syrian regime’s army and security force’s bullets did not distinguish between a Syrian and a Palestinian, or a child or a woman, especially during the periods of violent, indiscriminate shelling where many people were losing their lives without discrimination of religion or race or nationality
However, Palestinians were somewhat directly targeted by the Syrian regime; an evidence of this is the widespread detention campaigns which reached a large number of them. The Syrian network for human rights documented more than 1 500 Palestinian citizens who have either disappeared or have been detained and are subjected to torture alongside Syrian detainees. 9 Palestinian detainees have lost their lives due to systematic brutal torture.

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