When the Murder Tries to Conceal the Truth

Comprehensive Documentation of Al Traimsa massacre, Survivors and Eyewitnesses talk



The corresponding eyewitness’s accounts of Al Traimsa stated that on Thursday 12/7/2012 approximately 4:00am the village was besieged from all sides by military force from Mahrada the neighboring city followed by great support from Hama military airport as the residents estimated the total of the besieging forces at 200 military tanks from all sides including tanks and Chilika tanks, Russian anti-airplanes military Zayel trucks, buses, four wheels cars and “pickup” cars along with patrol force in military outfits of the Arab Syrian Army came by Zayel military trucks, the eyewitnesses estimated their number at 25 military Zayel trucks full of armed soldiers carrying Klanchenkov guns and in civilians outfits came by white buses and Pickup cars.

The military forces of the Syrian army besieged the village from all sides (the northern side: Jalmeh village road. The eastern side: Al Jdaydeh village road and Kafr Houd village road. The southeast side: Knayzeer village road. The western road: Al Safsafiyeh village road).


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