Activist Osama al Habbali from Enforced-Disappearance to Execution

Osama al Habbali

It is not uncommon for an arbitrarily-arrested detainee at the Syrian regime detention centers to become a forcibly-disappeared person (according to the international law, enforced-disappearance occurs when state authorities deprive a person of their freedom, and then refuse to acknowledge their fate or whereabouts, provided that a specified period of time has passed since the date of their arrest. We specify this period of time at 40 days in our methodology.) Syrian regime practices enforced-disappearance acts systematically against the detainees in its prisons. There are serious concerns about the fate of no less than 73,000 forcibly-disappeared persons according to SNHR archives. Most of those detainees have been imprisoned for years.
Osama Khaled al Habbali, from Masaken al Mu’alimeen neighborhood, al Khaldiya, Homs city, born in 1988, went into the literary branch in high school. Osama was one of the most prominent media activists in Homs governorate, and he was also active in the medical and relief fields. His family told us that Syrian regime forces arrested him on August 18, 2012, as he was coming back from Lebanon where he was received treatment for a past injury he sustained while he was covering developments in Homs. At first, Osama was being kept at the Military Security branch in Homs, before he was transferred to Sydnaya Military Prison, where he was tried before the military field-court.

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