Tens of forgotten massacres that have not been documented and no one reached it on the Syrian lands.


Al Shaikh Meskein is one of the most prominent cities in Horan, it is an important point of connection between many Syrian governorates in the southern area (Damascus, Sowayda, and Al Qunaitera) as it is located at the center of Horan plain and Daraa governorate (as it is affiliated to Daraa administratively). It is also on the road between Nawa, Izra’, Ibta’, Da’el, and Al Sanamayin. It is about 22 km from the city center of Daraa governorate, and it is about 80 km from Damascus. Its population is about 40 thousands.
The regime army besieged the city for two months, and on Saturday 7/7/2012 the army tanks broke into the city:
The number of army tanks that stormed the city is about:
80 tanks
In addition to:
20 civil cars and many buses affiliated to transportation ministry that is loaded with army and Shabiha elements.
The Syrian army elements had closed all passages to the city and banned the movement through it. Then, shelled the city with mortars and BMB. As a result, many houses in the city were damaged and it resulted in many injuries. Abu Bakr Al Sedeiq mosque was targeted with several missiles which destroyed the mosque completely.
Then, the army forces spread across the neighborhoods of city and began an inspection campaigns and stormed the houses of unarmed civilians. The raids operations witnessed several cases of thefts of money and jewels and sabotaging civil properties. Furthermore, motorcycles were burned in addition to many cars and houses. The shops were burned on the main round as the smoke was visible all over the city.

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