The Syrian People are Walking from One Massacre to Another

The Syrian People are Walking from One Massacre to Another…. Report of Douma Massacre on June 16, 2012


Incident details:
Syrian regime forces carried out a severe and concentrated attack in Douma city, which is located in the west of the capital Damascus. The mortar artillery shelled the city from all side, in addition to the shelling from vehicle management headquarter of the Syrian Army, which is located in Harasta city and near Douma city. The bombardment lasted from midnight hours until the down where it stopped at approximately 3:00 am. The bombardment concentrated in the residential neighborhoods behind Haseba Mosque and the neighborhoods behind Al Agha Mosque. Moreover, the artillery shelling targeted a residential building and caused the death of eight persons at once in cold-blood, including three women, which is a stark evidence of indiscriminate shelling and killing for the sake of killing. The building is located in an area between Al Kabeer Mosque and Haseba Mosque which is one of the most populated area in the city.
SNHR’s team was unable to reach the area and provide help as the area was cordoned off and the Syrian government ban any human rights and relief organization from working in its lands.
We contacted the families of the city and the relatives of the victims and got the names of eight victims who were killed in bombardment and recorded no less than 40 wounded persons including 4 serious cases amid severe shortage of medical resources in light of the ban by Syrian government on transforming the injured and wounded persons. There are legitimates concerns their life as they are being treated in homes that don’t have the necessary equipment.

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