Eastern Ghouta in Damascus Suburbs Live under the Hell of the Syrian Regime’s Massacre

After Douma, Death Squad Shifted to Saqba


Government forces raided Saqba, eastern Damascus suburbs, from all of its axes, as tanks, armored vehicles, and foot soldiers advanced from the south, the side of Kafr Batna town, and from the north, the side of Hamouriya town, and from the east, the side of Hazza town, and from the east, from the side of Jisreen town. This was followed by a raid from a square called al Jam’iya square, while other government forces teams moved to the high school road, and another group raided from al Jouza area, north of the city. The tanks, which were stationed in the middle of the city, fired a tank shell at a residential building, which caused great destruction in the building and wounded a number of people, including a child who was injured in the eye. Also, tens of Saqba city residents were arrested, as we identified among them several members of al Khwaja family. Another group of forces that raided the city went to al Mahfra area, which is located west of the city, where they looted shops.
According to SNHR, 19 civilian citizens were killed in this horrifying massacre, including a woman and her child. We contacted some of the residents to document their names. What is more horrifying is that some of the victims were slaughtered using knives in a retaliation practices that call us back to the dark age and absolute savagery.

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