Massacres Still Committed Against Unarmed Civilians-Massacre in Hamouriya in Rif Dimashq

Massacre in Hamouriya in Rif Dimashq
Incident details:
Government forces (army, security forces, local and foreign Shiites militias) raided the town of Hamouriya east of Damascus in Eastern Ghouta, and they broke into several houses and executed residents inside their homes in a similar scenario to what they have done in Idlib and Homs, as some victims were slaughtered by knives, through communicating with the residents we managed to document 9 victims died in this massacre as government forces abducted some victims’ bodies, as the wide spread snipers prevented residents from aiding the wounded or even moving, and the town turned to a ghost town, as panic spread between the residents.
Government forces also cut off the electricity and communication in addition to imposing a siege on the town and a heavy government forces presence backed by T 72 tanks, armed vehicles, and soldiers’ carriers.
We demand that the UN inspectors head straight to the town without being accompanied by government military forces in order to have a free meeting with the people in order to record information from victims’ relatives and listen to their testimonies and get pictures of victims and original copies of videos that condemn government forces for the horrific slaughtering of the town residents and open a quick investigation and declare the results for the Syrian people so the world can see the real face of government forces implication of Mr. Kofi Anan initiative.

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