Report on The Massacre of Al Qbeir Farm – Hama Governorate


After talking to multiple eyewitnesses, we concluded the following:
On Wednesday, June 6, 2012, around 12:30 PM, a group of six armed men wearing civilian clothing used Kalashnikovs to attack a military checkpoint for the Syrian army for the purpose of liberating an individual who was arrested at an earlier time of the same day. The detainee was held at the checkpoint. During the clashes, Syrian army reinforcements, which consisted of three T72 tanks, a number of armored military vehicles, and a number of ZiL military trucks (Trucks that are manufactured in Russia), carrying fully armed forces. The forces circled the attacking group and engaged with them, killing the six of them: 1- Mohammad Hasan Elean, Jrejis village, Hama, 2- Mahdi Ahmad Elwan, Jrejis village, Hama, 3- Sari Ali Al Hamdou, Jrejis, Hama, 4- Emad Ismail Elwan, Jrejis, Hama, 5- Mohammad Saleh Elan, Jrejis, Hama, 6- Salah Jamil Elwan.
Then, the three tanks, along with the ZiL trucks, six white buses, oil-colored armored vehicles (on one of the vehicles, there were a sentence that reads “Riot Control”), and a number of pickup cars in which were fully armed members of the Arab Syrian Army who packed single weapons that were mostly Kalashnikovs and a number of PKCs, headed for Al Qbeir village.
The witnesses said that other civilian cars -two Huyndai cars, pickup cars, and a car with three locally-made wheels (Called Turteira)- came with the military force. In these cars, there were a number of individuals wearing civilian clothing who had sticks and white weapons (various knives), while others had guns and Kalashnikovs.
Between 1:40 and 1:50, these forces surrounded Al Qbeir village from three axes (The northern axis: the side of Ma’zraf village, the eastern axis: the road of Al Majdal village, and the western axis: The road of Al Twym village).

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